Dromedary Daze
Production year: 2005
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Released: December 21, 2006
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The wind in your hair... dust in your teeth...
camel dung in your sleeping bag. ..it's...

Join filmmaker Soso R. Whaley on a trip to Virginia City, Nevada to participate in the legendary camel races and document a "Wild West" weekend at a popular tourist stop in the Lake Tahoe area. It all started as a joke and rapidly became a yearly event which has continued for 45 years. The camel races draw people from all over the world not only to participate but to watch these "ships
of the desert" as they "race" for trophies and honors for the camel jockeys and their sponsors.

Not only are the races exciting, but the small town of Virginia City is the place to visit for a real "Wild West" ambiance. Those looking to escape the 21st century and experience a taste of the cowboy life will not be disappointed. Enjoy watching Soso and her camel jockey friends as they engage in hijinks, learn some history, dance at a hump ball, and participate in some serious racing not only on camels but ostriches as well.
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Dromedary Daze
Dromedary Daze
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