Oktoberfest: The Definitive Guide to German Beer
Production year: 2005
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Released: October 10, 2006
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IT'S TIME FOR OKTOBERFEST!!! Here you get to know all the secrets about the famous German beer tradition!

Learn about the history and the ancient roots of brewing and the endless variety of today's product.

Find the answers to questions like: How do I brew my own beer? Do brewery-horses really drink beer? Why is yeast always on the top of a beer? Or is it? Why has beer different colours? This dvd offers all the information one needs to be a real connoisseur - and to let others know!

See the harvest of hop in the south of Germany and the brewing of beer in a typical Bavarian brewery. Also find details about the different types of beer, about the German purity law for beer and about the world's highest concentration of breweries in Bavaria.

Finally, a typical Bavarian chef presents tasty recipes for excellent "beer food".

Enjoy the Official German Beer Guide - with a cold glass of beer!
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Oktoberfest: The Definitive Guide to German Beer
Oktoberfest: The Definitive Guide to German Beer
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