Tom & Thomas
Production year: 2002
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 625828-435300
Running time: 1:46 (106 Min.)
Casetype: Keep Case
Format: NTSC, 1.33:1, Full Frame
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: December 08, 2009
Collection type: Owned (#6172)
Status: Available
Purchase date: December 08, 2009
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Review (movie): 0 / 10
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The city of London is preparing for Christmas with exuberant shop window displays. Two nine-year-old boys, Tom and Thomas, are unaware of each other's existence, yet they have always somehow sensed that the other is there. Tom has an imaginary friend called Thomas, whereas Thomas plays with his imaginary friend Tom. When Tom plans to run away from the Boys Home where he was brought up, he is witness to a child smuggling operation. The smugglers come after him, but he manages to escape. He goes into the Science Museum where he meets Thomas visiting the place with his adoptive father. The premonition he has felt all along turns out to be real: Thomas has found his long-lost twin brother and the boys promise never to part again. Secretly Tom hides at Thomas' home and they change places in various situations, creating amazement and confusion amongst people at home and at school. Unfortunately the smugglers also mistake Thomas for Tom and attempt to smuggle him out of the country. It is up to Tom to save his brother and bring his family together again.
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Tom & Thomas
Tom & Thomas
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