The Animation Show Volumes 1 & 2
Production year: 2004
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Released: January 16, 2007
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Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt have scoured the globe to bring you thirty amazing animated films selected from The Animation Show's first and second theatrical programs - alongside a few new favorites that we couldn't fit into the tour! There's an enormous surplus of amazing indie animation out there that's rarely seen in the United States, and combined with our cinema program, we hope this groundbreaking new DVD series will continue to bring more artists and unseen classics into the spotlight for many years to come...

Vol. 1

Welcome to the Show (by Don Hertzfeldt)
Mt. Head (atama yama) (by Koji Yamamura)
Brother (by Adam Elliot)
Parking (by Bill Plympton)
The Adventures of Ricardo (by Corky Quakenbush)
La Course a l'abime (by Georges Schwizgebel)
Billy's Balloon (by Don Hertzfeldt)
Cousin (by Jonathan Mix)
The Cathedral (katedra) (by Tomak Baginski)
Intermission in the Third Dimension (by Don Hertzfeldt)
Fifty Percent Grey (by Ruairi Robinson & Seamus Byrne)
The Adventures of Ricardo (by Corky Quakenbush)
Uncle (by Adam Elliot)
Early Pencil Tests and Other Experiments (by Mike Judge)
Aria (by Pjotr Sapegin)
Bathtime in Clerkenwell (by Alex Budonvsky)
The Adventures of Ricardo (by Corky Quakenbush)
The Rocks (das rad) (by Chris Stenner & Heidi Wittlinger)
The End of the Show (by Don Hertzfeldt)

Volume 2

Bunnies (by Studio Soi)
Guard Dog (by Bill Plympton)
The F.E.D.S. (by Jennifer Drummond)
Pan With Us (by David Russo)
Ward 13 (by Peter Cornwell)
Hello (by Jonathan Nix)
Rockfish (by Blur Studio & Tim Miller)
Magda (by Chel White)
Fallen Art (by Tomek Baginski)
When the Day Breaks (by Amanda Forbis & Wendy Tilby)
Fireworks (by Pez)
The Meaning of Life (by Don Hertzfeldt)
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The Animation Show Volumes 1 & 2
The Animation Show Volumes 1 & 2
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