A Farewell to Arms
Production year: 1932
Director: Frank Borzage
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 014381-277623
Running time: 1:29 (89 Min.)
Casetype: Keep Case
Format: NTSC, 1.33:1, Full Frame
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Single-Layered
Released: December 07, 2004
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Purchase date: December 13, 2004
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Review (movie): 8 / 10
Review (video): 0 / 10
Ernest Hemingway's tragic wartime romance comes to vivid life in this classic 1932 film starring Oscar winners Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes and co-starring Adolphe Menjou.

The cataclysm of WWI sets the stage for an impassioned story of star-crossed love between a daring American ambulance driver (Cooper) braving death at the front lines and an English nurse (Hayes) in an army hospital. The tumult of war conspires to push the pair together and then wrench them apart in what becomes an ultimate test of love.

Based largely on Hemingway's own experiences in The Great War, A FAREWELL TO ARMS was the first of the author’s novels to reach the screen and enthralled movie audiences with its heart-rending romance andithe realistic visions of battle. The startling imagery was captured by renowned director Frank Borzage and photographed in luminous black and while by Charles B. Lang, who won an Academy Award for his artistry.

Already a well-known leading man, Gary Cooper rose to the status of screen icon with the release of A FAREWELL TO ARMS. The film also showcased a powerful performance by Helen Hayes, then a great star of the American stage, in one of her rare early film roles.

Due in part to censorship codes of the day, this theatrical version of the film has seldom been seen and was throught lost. This DVD has been remastered from the finest available nitrate print and restores this Hollywood masterwork to its rightful glory.
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A Farewell to Arms
A Farewell to Arms
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Frank Borzage....Director
Helen Hayes....Catherine Barkley
Gary Cooper....Lt. Frederick Henry
Adolphe Menjou....Maj. Rinaldi
Mary Philips....Helen Ferguson
Jack La Rue....The priest
Blanche Friderici....Head nurse
Mary Forbes....Miss Van Campen
Gilbert Emery....British major
Alice Adair....Cafe girl
Henry Armetta....Bonello (Italian ambulance driver)
William Bailey....Opera Singer Friend
Herman Bing....Swiss postal clerk
Agostino Borgato....Giulio (hospital porter)
Robert Cauterio....Gordini
Marcelle Corday....Swiss Murse
Gino Corrado....Italian Soldier
Peggy Cunningham....Molly (disgraced nurse)
George Humbert....Piani
Doris Lloyd....Nurse
Fred Malatesta....Manera
Inez Palange
Paul Porcasi....Harry (innkeeper)
Tom Ricketts....Count Greffi